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The Photo Bar Podcast

Dec 13, 2017

Being a self-employed entrepreneur has a lot of benefits like working from home in your pajamas, but it can also have a lot of downfalls like working from home in your pajamas. Being self-employed photographers many of us work from our homes. Maybe some have studios or other places we work, but most are working from home. Regardless of where you are working, here are 12 ways to be more productive.

12 Easy Ways To Be The Most Productive Working From Home

  1. Getting Ready For The Day
  2. Thinking About Your Day
  3. Having A Dedicated Work Space
  4. Setting Work Schedule
  5. Setting Boundaries
  6. Holding Yourself Accountable
  7. Getting Out Of Your House
  8. Using Video chat / Skype
  9. Having A To-do List
  10. Leaving Work
  11. Taking Breaks
  12. Outsourcing


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