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The Photo Bar Podcast

Dec 13, 2017

Welcome to the very first episode of the Photo Bar Podcast! In this episode, I introduce myself, the type of photography I do and how I got started, why I started the Photo Bar Podcast, what I hope you get out of it, and much more.

Who I Am

My name is Matt Druin. I'm an Atlanta, Georgia based documentary wedding, portrait, editorial, and documentary family photographer.

How I Got Into Photography

The quick breakdown is I got into photography by total accident. At the time I was in college studying finance as I wanted to pursue personal financial coaching. Shortly after I ended up switching majors to art focusing on graphic design. We had to get a camera to take photos of our work for our portfolios, so I traded a toolbox for a new Nikon d3000 on craigslist. A few months later I told my wife that I wanted to quit my job and school a pursue photography full-time. Since I only owned the camera for a couple of months, my wife thought it would be best if I waited a year or so to learn how to actually use a camera, take photos, and build up some clients. Two weeks later I decided to dive right in. I quit school, my job, and here we are today.

Why I Started This Podcast

I started this podcast as a passion project. I love to teach, help others, and pushing myself to try new things. When I first got started no one was interested in helping me, podcasts and YouTube education were not as popular as they are now, and I was left trying to figure out things most by myself. I've made a lot of mistakes, failed and continue to fail, and I want to be able to share those learning experiences with others. I also want this podcast to be more than just business and photography. I want it to include topics related to personal life, money, travel, and various other topics since I feel we are much more than just photographers and running a business is more than just black and white.

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